When I originally picked this Happy Place, I meant The Movie Theater, but I only wrote down “The Movies”.  As I started writing the post, it became pretty obvious that I really just love watching movies in general….at home, a friend’s house, the movie theater or where ever.  So calling this week’s Happy Place “The Movies” is actually perfect!

I love MOST (but not all) types of movies.  I love romantic comedies, regular comedies, romantic movies, pretty much any Disney movie, Christmas movies, musicals, DANCE movies, teen movies and some action films. But there is one type of movie that I absolutely will NOT go see….SCARY movies!  I hate them so much that if a preview for a scary movie comes on, I will cover my eyes and my ears until it’s over (usually Jaymie or Stacie will tell me when it’s safe to watch again).  Yes, I realize I sound like a big BABY and I don’t even care, dude!!

I thought it would be fun to list each category of movie (some real categories, as well as, a few categories I kind of made up) and my top 2 faves for each one!

  1. Romantic Comedy – Can’t Buy Me Love, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days & Hitch (Oops, that’s 3)
  2. Romantic Film – The Notebook & Titanic
  3. Comedy – Dumb and Dumber & Ace Ventura (Obviously, I find Jim Carrey HILARIOUS)
  4. Disney – Tangled, Frozen & Moana
  5. Non-Disney, Animated Film – Trolls & Anastasia
  6. Teen Movie – She’s All That & 10 Things I Hate About You
  7. Dance Movie – Step Up & Center Stage
  8. Musical – Grease & Moulin Rouge
  9. Music – Pitch Perfect & August Rush
  10. Christmas Movie – Elf & The Holiday
  11. Action Film – Fast & the Furious
  12. First movie I went to see at the Theater – ET (Seriously, I was probably 3.5 or 4 years old.  What were my parents thinking…lol!)
  13. Favorite movies I watched growing up – The Sound of Music, Annie & The Man from Snowy River
  14. Random favorite movie that didn’t fit anywhere else – The Man in the Moon (Has anyone else seen this movie from 1991?  I think this was Reese Witherspoon’s debut movie. A sweet, yet heart-breaking movie.)

A new Moviehouse & Eatery recently opened in our area and it’s my new favorite theater!  My niece, Presley, came up to visit during her Christmas Break and again during Spring Break. Both times her break happened to be different from our break.  So, Presley and I would go see a movie while my kids were in school.  Over Christmas break we went to see Moana (I had already seen it, but she had not). Then, a couple of weeks ago during her Spring Break, we went to see Beauty and the Beast.  Both movies were GREAT!  We remembered to take a few pics at Beauty and the Beast.

Yes, we bring our blankets to the movies. It’s awesome. 🙂

Side note….if you go to a Moviehouse & Eatery, you must order the queso.  I know this is super random, but it is DELICIOUS!!!

Some friends and I were recently discussing our favorite romantic comedies on a Facebook thread.  My friend, Charla, commented that she had not seen most of the movies we were talking about (SAY WHAT!?!).  So, I decided that we needed to have a Movie Night to watch some of the movies.  There were quite a few friends on the thread, so hosting a movie night at my house wasn’t going to work.  I remembered seeing an ad during the pre-previews about Moviehouse & Eatery hosting Corporate or Private Events.  I sent an inquiry via their website and we were able to book a Theater with 49 recliners for a GNO to see “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.

We forgot to take a picture until after the movie. So a few girls had already left!

It was so much FUN!  The Moviehouse contact that booked our event (Melissa) was super helpful and so easy to work with.  I’m hoping we can plan another one soon.

With summer coming up, I thought I would mention the Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse.  This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids during the summer because 1) I love movies (duh!) and 2) AIR CONDITIONING (Summer in Texas gets H-O-T and stays that way for a long time).  Here is the flyer for the SMC.

I’m so excited that it includes Trolls and Sing!  I’m also pretty happy about Hotel Transylvania 2…the kids and I love that movie!

If you are a big movie fan like me, I would love to hear some of your FAVORITES! You can answer a few of the categories above or make up some of your own like I did…lol.  I might even send out a couple of mini-happies (my friends said it should be called a smiley and I totally agree :)).