Back in 2011, I told Keith that I wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge for Mother’s Day.  Yes, you read that right…I asked to go to Great Wolf Lodge for Mother’s Day!!! I have NO idea, what made me ask such a strange request for Mother’s Day….but I did and he made it happen.  Keep in mind that Cade had just turned ONE a couple of weeks before this.  I can’t even find any pictures from our first trip, but I do remember having fun.  Keith and I would take turns going to ride the slides while the other one stayed with the kids.  We realized that this Staycation would have been way more fun if we had another family with us.  Then, the kids would have friends to play with and we would have someone to ride the slides with.

So, in 2012, we asked our friends, the Ores, if they wanted to join us.  I had talked about how much FUN we had the year before…I even got a little nervous that I had talked it up too much and that they might be disappointed.  But we all had a blast!  It started an Annual Tradition for our families!

This pic of Keith photobombing the girls still CRACKS me up!!!


We pretty much do the same thing every year.  We check-in early afternoon (usually between 12 and 2).  We drop our bags in our hotel rooms and head straight to the waterpark.  We swim until early evening then head back to the room for a quick shower.   We eat Palio’s pizza together in one of the rooms then head downstairs for Storytime.  We rarely make it through all of storytime before the kids (mostly just Cade) get bored.  Then, we go to the Arcade for some games (Deal or No Deal…woohoo!) and stop by Bear Paw Sweets & Eats for some ice cream too!

The next day we eat a quick breakfast in the room and head back to the waterpark for more fun!  Once everyone starts to get tired and cranky, we run by the Gift Shop to grab a souvenir then head home.  We only stay one night, but it feels like a 4-day vacation because of the amount of stuff we cram into those two days.  One year I posted on Facebook that our Annual Trip to Great Wolf Lodge is a lot like Motherhood….it’s crazy-fun, but super exhausting!!

We decided that we wouldn’t go this year.  We thought after going for the past six years that the kids would be bored with it.  After writing this post and reminiscing about our past trips, I have to admit that I’m really sad we aren’t going this Mother’s Day.  Maybe we’ll have to plan a little Summer Staycation at Great Wolf Lodge to make up for it!

Apparently we are pretty terrible at taking pics of the adults or all of us together. Just for fun, I’m posting this selfie!!!  If you know me well, you know that I don’t like pictures and I absolutely HATE taking selfies.  One year Cade fell asleep on the way to Grapevine and it was in our best interest to let him sleep a little longer, so I hung out in the car with him while he napped.  I guess I was a little excited to be at Great Wolf Lodge and took this selfie with my wolf ears while I was waiting.  Bahaha!

I want to wish all my Mom friends a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend!  I hope you get to spend it doing something that makes you super happy (whatever that may be) with the ones you love!