I know you are probably thinking, “Ummm, I thought she said she likes cute and CHEAP stuff?!?”  I always thought Dillard’s was expensive.  Then, a few years ago, I discovered the Dillard’s clearance section while shopping for school clothes for my niece.  I was immediately hooked!

Please keep in mind this is my understanding of how the Dillard’s markdowns work.  It’s based on my shopping experiences (and that of my friends/family).  When they first mark something down, it usually goes to 40% off.  From there, it goes to 65% off.  I honestly don’t know a timeline for either of these things (if you know this info, I would LOVE to hear from you).  I just check in whenever I have time.  Some weeks I find a ton of stuff….other times I may only buy one thing or nothing at all.

Sometimes they will have an additional markdown of 30-40% off “permanently reduced merchandise”.  I haven’t quite figured out how often they have this additional markdown because it’s NOT every month.  If they have it though, it’s the last weekend of the month.  It starts on Wednesday for Dillard’s Cardholders or on Thursday, if you aren’t a Dillard’s Cardholder.  I find out about these additional markdowns by email the day before it starts (so on Tuesday).  Here’s the email I received about the sale back in February.

FYI….I did not receive an email for this month.  So, I guess they aren’t doing the additional markdown this month.  Bummer! :/

Dillard’s has beautiful dresses for girls, BUT they are kind of pricey.  I get the majority of Kinley’s dresses on clearance, but I will occasionally pay full price for a shirt for the first day of school or picture day or a dress for the Daddy Daughter Dance.

Daddy Daughter Dance February 2017

Kinley picked this dress while we were at Dillard’s shopping over Thanksgiving Break.  The Daddy Daughter Dance wasn’t until February, so we just left it hanging in the closet until the week of the dance.  I thought I was SO ahead of the game, then I totally forgot that Keith needed a matching tie!  So the week of the dance, I called Ava (my mother-in-law) and recruited her assistance.  We ended up finding this tie at Dillard’s on clearance for about $15 (I can’t remember the exact amount….sorry, I wasn’t taking notes for a future blog post).  I LOVE how it all turned out!

This is the dress she wore to our Christmas Eve church service.  I bought it on clearance for $12 – $13.

I recently bought this dress (either in January or February)…as you can see from the tag it was 65% off.  It’s for next Christmas, of course.


These are a size 7 for Cade for next fall/winter…..again, on clearance for 65% off!

I usually try to wait for an item to go to 65% off before I buy it. However, if it’s super cute, I sometimes buy it at 40% off.  I keep a bin in the top of their closets for clothes that I buy for the next season/year.  For Kinley, I have bought dresses, coats, sweaters, swimsuits and shoes on clearance at Dillard’s.  For Cade, I usually buy Nike/UA athletic shorts, pants, shirts, sweatshirts and shoes.  I sometimes find Polo shirts on Clearance for Cade for church.   He basically has two clothing categories 1) athletic wear and 2) church clothes.  I even gave in this year and let him wear athletic clothes the first day of school instead of something a little “nicer” (pick your battles, right?).

One more important thing to note…if you have a Dillard’s credit card, you earn points toward a 10% off coupon.  I try to use the 10% off on a purchase where I’m buying regular price items (I used one in November to buy the blue dress, the black booties she has on in both pics above, and a new black church coat).  It makes me feel better because I don’t like buying ANYTHING that isn’t on sale!

Feel free to comment and let me know if 1) you learned anything new 2) you learned something you once knew but had forgotten about or 3) I left out any important tips or info.

Have A Happy Day!