Since the Kendra Gives Back Party for Manda Strong Foundation is next Thursday, July 27, I thought it made perfect sense to pick Kendra Scott as “My Happy Place” for this week!  I’ll go ahead and warn you that I’m going to sound like a total Kendra Scott Fangirl in this post, but make sure you read the whole post so you know WHY I’m a Kendra Scott Fan (hint: it’s not just the beautiful jewelry)!

I remember talking to my friend, Kristen, about Kendra Scott jewelry a few years ago.  It was quickly becoming very popular, but I wasn’t really in love with the jewelry like most of our friends.  I thought it was pretty but I wasn’t convinced it was worth the money. However, I did eventually decide to try it! My first piece of Kendra Scott jewelry was this Silver Rayne necklace with a Pearl White stone.  It was simple, but really pretty and matched almost anything. I think I wore this necklace all summer long!

Then, this past January another non-profit that we love, Mission Regan, hosted a Kendra Gives Back Party.  I had kind of heard of these Fundraisers before but had not attended one yet.  I went with my mother-in-law, Ava, and my two SILs, Rachel and Allison, to the Event.  I had on my Rayne necklace that night and Rachel was considering buying the same Rayne necklace I had. I was trying on a different necklace and I had set my Rayne necklace on the counter right beside the one Rachel had been trying on.  Rachel joked not to get the two mixed up and then pointed out that you could definitely tell which one was mine because it was starting to tarnish (which I didn’t think looked bad until I saw it up against the brand new one….yikes!).  The sweet KS employee assisting us simply said “I’ll be right back”.  When she returned, she traded my Rayne necklace for a BRAND NEW ONE!  I was incredibly impressed!

Allison, me, Rachel and Ava. We had so much fun shopping and then eating at Cheesecake Factory!

I ended up buying the same necklace that the KS employee assisting us had on. It was SO cute!  Plus, it had silver and gold in it so I could wear it with anything.  I couldn’t decide on an Elisa necklace, so Rachel helped me pick out a stone color at the Color Bar.  It was a pretty royal blue color.

The one on the left is the “Aiden Gold Long Pendant Necklace In Silver Filigree” that the KS employee was wearing that night.

Side story…when I got home late that night, I left my two necklaces on the kitchen counter.  The next day, Kinley squealed when she saw them and said “Mom, is that for me because it matches my Daddy Daughter dress PERFECTLY!”  It actually did match her dress…so my 9 year-old wore my new Elisa necklace before I did.

If you click on the picture, you can zoom in to see the Elisa necklace that she’s wearing.

So after the Mission Regan Kendra Gives Back Event, I really fell in LOVE with the Kendra Scott brand.  The company not only stands behind its products, but also GIVES back.  Then, my friend Jennifer, shared this article called “Meet Kendra Scott, Homemade Millionaire” on Facebook.  After reading the article, I was a total Kendra Scott fan!  I know the article is a little long, but it is so worth your time.  It talks about how her first business failed, how they treat their customers and their “companywide, never-say-no policy of giving back.”  How awesome is that!?!

This is “Bright Coral” which is what I currently have on my toes.

They recently launched a line of “Nail Lacquer” (which is fancy for Nail Polish).  The colors are beautiful!  Even the packaging of the nail polish is really pretty….the bottle and the box that it comes in.  When I bought some about a month ago, the employee assisting me said they were buy 2, get 15% off or buy 3, get 20% off (this shows as a “Special Offer” Online right now too).  These would be great as a birthday gift, big/little sis gift or a Happy GIVEAWAY!!  Leave a comment on this blog post, FB post or Instagram to be entered to win one!  I currently have Bright Coral and True Red to Giveaway!

I know I’ve said this several times before but I’ll say it again.  I love shopping, but SHOPPING for a CAUSE is my absolute fave!!  Make sure you come join us for the Kendra Gives Back Party next Thursday (see invite for details)!