While the girls were at Volleyball Camp last week, Jaymie and I decided to run to Hobby Lobby.  I don’t normally take Cade to Hobby Lobby with me, but it’s summer and #whateverman.  So, I let Cade sit in the shopping cart like a little 3 year old.  I thought he would go into his typical zombie state while playing on the iPad, but instead he looked at all the decorations and had a lot of hilarious stuff to say!

He kept calling anything dressed up as Uncle Sam “President”.  When he saw these, he said “What are they, President of the Chipmunks?!?”
And then the “President doing the splits”.
Here we have the “Bird Presidents”.
When we came across this, he called it “DJ Lawnmower”.  Ummm….okay!

I wish that I would have taken a video of him naming everything.  I’ve never laughed so much on a trip to Hobby Lobby!  Now, for the real stuff.

After we looked through all the 4th of July decorations, we moved on to….FALL DECORATIONS.  I know this can sometimes be a controversial topic, but I kind of get excited when I see Fall decorations in Hobby Lobby, even in June.  Don’t get me wrong…I like Summer.  I love taking my kids to swim at Mimi’s or the Beach Club or a friend’s pool.  I love the freedom from schedules.  I love spending extra time with my kids.  However, by the end of June, I’m starting to get sick of the heat, the bugs, the sunscreen, the bug spray, and did I mention the HEAT?!? I’m not saying I’m ready for Summer to be over….just saying that I get excited about the thought of Fall temps, pumpkin candles, cute boots and Taco Soup. Yaaayyyyy!

I was also really excited when we came across the Vine + Branches signs.  I don’t know Caroline (V+B owner) at all, but she’s from McKinney and I think it’s so exciting that her signs are in Hobby Lobby as of May.  Since I don’t own a V+B sign yet, I decided I needed one.  I bought the “It’s so good to be home” sign and I LOVE it!

The kids have been really into puzzles lately.  We’ve already worked all the puzzles we have (mostly 500 pieces or less).  So, I decided to buy a new 1,000 piece puzzle for us to work at Mimi’s house while she recovers from ankle surgery.  I thought this donut one was adorable!  We started working on it Saturday at Mimi’s house….it may take us a little while to complete it though.

Our puzzles we’ve worked over the past couple of weeks.

I usually try to give some good shopping/sale tips when I post about a “My Happy Place”, but I don’t have much to say about Hobby Lobby that y’all wouldn’t already know.  I try not to buy anything at regular price…I go when it’s in the “50% off” category or if I CANNOT wait then I use the coupon for 40% off on that item.  If you have any really good shopping tips for Hobby Lobby, I’d love to hear them!

As we were waiting in line to check out, Cade found another “President of the Chipmunks”.  Needless to say, we got cracked up again!

We have some exciting changes coming in the next couple of weeks, so make sure to check back in soon!