Happy Sunday (almost Monday, but not quite)!  I usually post the Happy Giveaways on Monday at midnight, but I want this one to post on Sunday.  Today, May 28th, would have been Manda’s 36th birthday.  If you aren’t familiar with our friend Manda Maxwell’s story, she passed away three months ago from a lifelong cancer battle (starting at the age of 5).  To hear more about her story, here is a video where she and her mom shared their story at our church Coffee House in October 2015. The video is about 45 minutes long, but it is a beautiful testimony and so worth your time.

In honor of Manda’s Earthly Birthday, this week’s Happy will be some of Manda’s favorites.  Before I discuss that though, I want to give a little bit of back story.

Keith and I first met Manda and Aaron in a young married adults Sunday School Class at church in the fall of 2005.  It’s important to note that this Sunday School Class was growing and the first day we attended, they announced the class was splitting into two classes.  So there was going to be the “Young Married Adults – No Kids” and the “Young Married Adults – With Kids” (really creative class descriptions, right?).  So we ended up in the “Young Married Adults – No Kids” Class with the Maxwells and several other newly married couples, including my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, John and Allison (she was actually the one that invited us to the class).

SIDE NOTE:  The “Young Married Adults – No Kids” changed very quickly to LOTS of kiddos (though our class description stayed the same for a while).  This is a picture from our Harvest Party 2011.

It didn’t take Manda and I very long to realize we both LOVED So You Think You Can Dance.  We started having watch parties every week (yes, this was pre-babies so we actually had some free time on our hands).  During Summer 2007, I was pregnant with Kinley so we would watch “SYTYCD”, eat pizza and then, go for a walk around my neighborhood (to burn off the pizza, of course). Each week there would be a few of us…me, Manda, Jenna, Rachel, Melissa, but not everyone could make it every week.  I remember one night, Manda stayed after everyone else left and wanted to ask some questions about prenatal vitamins and stuff. She told me that she and Aaron were starting to discuss having kids.  Manda wanted so very badly to have kids….and she wanted to make sure she did everything right (even before they were conceived).

This was Summer 2008…me, Manda and our friend, Carrie at a SYTYCD Watching Party at my house.
Group Pic at On The Border before SYTYCD Tour in fall 2008. You can’t even tell because she looks gorgeous, but she’s actually pregnant with Aiden.

I love Girls Night Out…and so did Manda!  I would sometimes post on our Sunday School Class FB page or my own FB page and say something like “Who wants to go to dinner and/or a movie?!?”  Manda was always up for it.  One time I really wanted to go see The Veronica Mars Movie, so I posted about it on FB.  Manda commented that she wanted to see it too.  Two days later on opening night, Manda and I, along with our friends Kimberly and Stacie went to see the movie.  It was so fun (the movie was really good, but not near as good as the TV series)!

GNO July 2011 at Uncle Julio’s.
GNO October 2011 at Chili’s.
Coffee House October 2015.

I hope you enjoyed that walk down Memory Lane.  I sure did….it was good for my heart!

Manda was very much a girly girl!  She loved cute, fun stuff like the rest of us!  So Manda’s Happy includes this beautiful purple (her favorite color, of course) Coach wristlet, along with Bath & Body Works hand cream and sanitizer in Purple Rain scent.

Faith Over Fear.  This was Manda’s life moto.  She trusted God’s Plans, even when she could not understand it.  My friend, Amanda at That Inspired Chick recently posted a purple stainless steel water bottle that said “Faith Over Fear”.  I immediately knew I needed to include that in Manda’s Happy!

I sent a picture of the items I had already picked for Manda’s Happy to Manda’s mom, Cindy, and asked if she could think of anything else to add.  She said that Manda loved the Volcano Candle from Anthropologie.  I have to admit that I had never bought this candle before, but it smells amazing!  I can totally see why Manda loved it.

Last week, my friend Lea Anne shared the movie trailer for Wonder on FB.  I had never heard of this movie/book.  After watching the movie trailer, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered the book so I can read it with the kids this summer.

A line in the movie trailer reminded me of Manda, “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out!”  Manda had been through a lot in her life….starting when she was just 5 years old.  But God was using Manda the entire time for her to stand out and SHINE a light for His Glory.  And she SHINED so brightly!

Manda’s Happy Includes:

  1. Purple Coach wristlet x 2
  2. Purple Rain Shea Butter Hand Cream x 2
  3. Purple Rain Hand Sanitizer x 2
  4. “Faith Over Fear” Purple Tumbler x 2
  5. Anthropologie Mini Capri Blue, Silver Volcano x 2

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